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Travelling has become fairly common these days. A lot of airline companies have created travel programs to assist clients and have prepared packages that will suit every need and budget. What becomes critical then is the choice of an airline. What consumers look for these days is more than just a seat on the plane, they want a company that can provide additional service on top of the plane ride. Delta Airlines is a fine example of a company that can answer this demand. The company’s website alone provides detailed servicing that allows you to do the following activities:
•Check out the places that they have flights to. They currently provide service to 575 destinations all over the world. That is a large base to choose from, so all you have to do is pick a place and get ready to fly.
•Make your flight reservation online. You can book a flight simply by filling in the required information that will appear on your screen as you navigate through their site.
•Choose one of the varied options available check in. With your convenience in mind, the company has come up with innovative ways to check in such as printing your own board pass or making use of the mobile check in which you get by downloading their program to a laptop, a PDA or a web- enabled phone.
•Browse through Delta’s extensive travel information. This contains all the details that you require for a trip including places and activities of interest that you can take in while in your vacation place.
•Know basic information about the aircraft that you will be boarding on. This includes the size of the plane, basic layout, seat maps and critical emergency areas.
•Familiarize yourself with their associates in service, the Delta connections and the Skyteam .The latter is a network composed of 15 airlines who are all working together to provide you with smooth connecting flights to overseas destinations.
•Know your rewards. In time, as you come to enjoy the finer aspects of travelling,you may become a frequent flier and qualify for Delta’s loyalty plan, the SkyMiles program. The company’s website details the rewards and benefits that you are eligible for as a member. One of SkyMiles’ excellent feature is that it allows rewards redemption at any time, meaning that the points you earn will not be subject to expiration. So you can keep on gathering points and redeem them at your leisure.
•Request for online statements to cut down on paper consumption. This option allows you to make a small contribution towards good environmental practice.
•Ask for assistance. Their locations and contact numbers are listed on their website. This includes reservations, which is available in Japanese and Spanish, technical assistance, or a simple help in going through their website.
With everything else taken care of by Delta Airlines, all that’s left for you is to pack your bags and proceed to the airport. Enjoy your trip!

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